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What is debt settlement in Houston?

Debt settlement is when you make an offer that is less than what you owe to pay a debt, such as a credit card.

Can I just make one low monthly payment for all of my credit cards?

Many companies advertise that they will settle all of your debts for one low monthly payment. The problem that arises with this plan is that one or more creditors may decide to sue you before you have paid enough money to settle all of your debts. If you decide to hire a company promising to settle your debts for a low monthly payment, be sure to read the fine print and ask what they promise to do if you get sued.

How will debt settlement help me?

In some factual situations, it may make sense to settle your debts instead of filing bankruptcy. While no result is ever guaranteed, you may be able to settle some of your debts for less than the full balance. The details of your settlement rates will depend on your specific factual and legal circumstances.

When does debt settlement make sense?

Debt settlement may make sense for you if you have (or have access to) cash that is equal to a large portion of the total debt owed. When creditors accept offers that are less than what is owed, they frequently require payment within 30 days. If you have the cash available, then debt settlement may be right for you. Debt settlement may also be right for you if you have high disposable income (i.e. a lot of money left over each month in your budget) and could quickly save up cash equal to a large portion of the total debt to be settled and are not currently paying on those debts. There are many other situations that may make debt settlement right for you.

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